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Backpainted Glass
(Trust the Experts)

Most people haven't heard of back-painted glass.

Lucky for you, one of the BEST producers in the WORLD of backpainted glass is RIGHT HERE!

We can't tell you how many times we have seen other companies attempt to duplicate and fail miserably.

Here's a collection of OUR work with Backpainted Glass:
Check out this wall of backpainted glass tiles we custom made for our friends in Austin, TX.  That's right... if you need backpainted glass in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Galveston or anywhere else, give The Glass Guys a shout!

Back painted glass backsplashes, backpainted glass table tops and custom backpainted glass shelves are the most common uses.

We also do glass countertops, cabinet glass inserts, and backpainted glass wall panels.  More recently, we are also doing Magnetic Glass Markerboards which are backpainted glass dry-erase boards with magnetic properties.  Talk about spicing up the office!
(also available in any color & without magnetic properties)

White backpainted glass markerboard by The Glass Guys.  This is a magnetic glass markerboard.  Our glass markerboards are available in any color, magnetic glass or not.

Check out our work at Creamistry to see how impressive it can be for a business.  Backpainted glass + decals = WOW! Factor

Our backpainted glass at Creamistry in Houston looks amazing!  Buy your backpainted glass for your business today and STAND OUT.

Look how awesome our backpainted glass looks with decals on top!  Order your backpainted glass for your business today!Schedule a consultation to see our incredible new samples.

Back painted glass backsplash
Back painted glass backsplash
You pick the color... or colors.. and we take care of the rest! This is one of our favorite projects, one that always gives you that "wow" factor.
Back painted glass table top
Back painted glass table top
Pick your size, thickness and edge-work, and take that stunning glass table top to the next level with your very own, one-of-a-kind custom piece. This service is also available for custom glass shelves and cabinet glass inserts.
Back Painted Glass Countertop
Back Painted Glass Countertop
Same as the table top, just thicker and with holes.

A stunning backpainted glass countertop installed by The Glass Guys in Houston, TX.

This custom backpainted glass countertop is such a gorgeous sight in real life.  Sometimes our pictures just can't capture the beauty of our craft.

A custom magnetic back-painted glass backsplash/markerboard installed by The Glass Guys of Katy, TX.

Whoa!  Check it out... it's MAGNETIC glass!  Excellent as a glass markerboard/dry erase board.

Purple painted glass backsplash installed near Memorial, TX by The Glass Guys of Katy.
You can get as creative or bold as you like.  Every person has their own style, so we don't judge!  Subtle or bright, we love it all!

A custom backpainted glass backsplash with the led's turned off.  Backpainted glass installed and fabricated by The Glass Guys of Katy, Texas.Lights off, Lights On.White backpainted glass backsplash (or splashback) in Houston, TX by The Glass Guys, a custom glass and mirror company in Fulshear/Katy, TX.Whoa, those LED's really change the look of our backpainted glass!
Awesome custom backpainted glass backsplash by The Glass Guys of Katy, TX for our friends in Houston, TX.Custom backpainted glass backsplash made for our friends in Sugarland, TX.
A large custom backpainted glass backsplash/splashback by The Glass Guys in Houston, Texas.  We install large wall mirrors and backpainted glass panels as well as glass countertops.
Red and Black backpainted glass are just some of the color options available at The Glass Guys in Cinco Ranch.A gorgeous backpainted glass backsplash in a bathroom in Memorial, by The Glass Guys.Another angle of the custom white backpainted glass backsplash by The Glass Guys in Katy, TX.A sweet tempered backpainted glass backsplash for a bathroom in Richmond, Texas, not far from Katy.  The Glass Guys is a custom glass and mirror shop in Katy, TX.Buy a backpainted glass table top, or get a stunning backpainted glass backsplash designed especially designed for you! This awesome white backpainted glass backsplash is so sweet!
Let's get started on your custom backpainted glass project today!  You pick the paint color card, we provide a sample, and once it's approved, we can get started.

Amazing new colors now available!
Let us make a new one for you.

Ask about Galaxy Glass!  You HAVE to see it in person.  Made nowhere else in the world!
Amazing and unique backpainted glass created by The Glass Guys near Houston, Texas.