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New! Custom Sandblasting Designs

Now you can have your glass completely and truly unique to represent you and your style.

Sandblasted design in a frosted glass door by The Glass Guys of Katy, Texas.

We mean it when we say the sky is the limit!  Wait, are they clouds, waves or hills?  What will you design?

A really cool and unique sandblasted / etched design in our version of starphire/low-iron glass.  You can get your glass doors for your shower enclosure sandblasted all the way, half way or even with a privacy stripe across the center.

Custom frosted or sandblasted glass shower door at your local spa by The Glass Guys.  We also do gym mirrors!Other uses for our sandblasted glass / frosted glass / glass etching services will include:

-Cabinet Glass & Door Inserts
-Custom Glass Shelves
-Glass Countertops
-Glass Backsplash
-Custom Glass Table Tops

Remember... you can have any design you want!  A picture, a pattern, even a high-end designer logo!

You can even have something etched into a mirror.

Frosted/Sandblasted Glass Shelves, custom made and installed by The Glass Guys in Houston.Here or some more ideas for patterns.  Our Sandblasted Glass department is waiting for you to dream up the next pattern. 

Imagine having a truly unique glass shower enclosure or glass table top with your design!  Make it your own, get a FREE quote today!

Sample patterns for our custom glass etching, sandblasting or frosted glass, if you will.What are you waiting for?  Replace your front door glass with a custom engraved showpiece.  Take your shower glass to the next level with a etched design.  Free quotes for all our frosted glass services.  Custom glass etching available in as little as 10 business days!